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The Things Stack Expands Its Network with Asia Cluster

Introducing the as1 cluster: enhancing connectivity and reducing latency for customers in Asia

The Things Industries, 10/6/2024

The Things Stack 東アジアおよび東南アジアクラスターでネットワークを拡大

as1 クラスターのご紹介: 東アジアおよび東南アジア地域のお客さま向けに接続性を強化し、遅延を低減

The Things Industries, 10/6/2024

Revolutionising Commercial Real Estate Sustainability with LoRaWAN®

Rhino leverages The Things Stack and LoRa for utility data management and sustainability in the commercial real estate sector.

The Things Industries, 13/5/2024

Nationwide asset tracking solutions in Malta with IoT and LoRaWAN®

HandsOn Systems is offering a nationwide LoRaWAN enabled IoT network for the Maltese islands.

The Things Industries, 16/4/2024

The Things Stack version 3.30 is released!

Control end device behavior, monitor gateway round trip timControl end device behavior, monitor gateway round trip times and more.

The Things Industries, 5/4/2024

School safety with IoT and LoRaWAN®

Konecto and Next Degree Safety’s LoRaWAN solution ensures a swift and fast response to emergency situations

The Things Industries, 2/4/2024

Quectel and The Things Industries announce partnership to boost module service management through LoRaWAN integration

The Things Industries, 21/3/2024

The Things Stack version 3.29.0 is released

Relay feature updates and more.

The Things Industries, 2/2/2024

LoRaWAN® Excellence: Extended Film by The Things Industries

Watch the documentary about LoRaWAN.

The Things Industries, 29/1/2024

The Crucial Role of Documentation in the LoRaWAN® and IoT Ecosystem

The Things Industries, 27/11/2023

The Things Stack version 3.28 is released

Email verification improvements, multiple frequency plan support for gateways using the Console, and more.

The Things Industries, 31/10/2023

Environmental monitoring solutions with LoRaWAN®

Dickson leverages LoRaWAN to manage compliance and protect high-value assets

The Things Industries, 9/10/2023

Revolutionizing IoT with LoRaWAN®, Open Standards, and Scalable Solutions

The Things Industries, 30/9/2023

Semtech's Pivotal Role in IoT Ecosystem: Insights from Wienke Giezeman and Robert Comanescu

The Things Industries, 30/9/2023

STMicroelectronics Unveils Game-Changing Wireless Solutions: Exploring LoRaWAN, IoT Use Cases, and the STM32WL Module

The Things Industries, 30/9/2023

Evolution of LoRaWAN: Phases, Successes, and Future Projections by Kerlink

The Things Industries, 30/9/2023

The Things Industries Announces Support for LoRaWAN® Relay to Enhance IoT Connectivity

The Things Industries, 21/9/2023

EchoStar and The Things Industries Collaborate for Hybrid Satellite and Terrestrial IoT Device Connectivity

Companies will Showcase the Plug-and-Play Capability for Seamless Real-time Connections across Europe at The Things Conference

The Things Industries, 20/9/2023

The Things Industries celebrates 1.5 million connected devices and other milestones during The Things Conference 2023

The Things Industries, 19/9/2023

Modular LoRaWAN® Solutions with RAK Wireless and The Things Stack

Empowering IoT connectivity with RAK Wireless's LoRaWAN Gateways and with The Things Stack LoRaWAN Network Server.

The Things Industries, 10/8/2023

The Things Stack version 3.27 is released

Improved Network Operations Center, an updated downlink retry limit, and more

The Things Industries, 1/8/2023

Kerlink & The Things Industries Announce Strategic Partnership On Zero-Touch Provisioning Solution for LoRaWAN® IoT Networks

Plug-and-Play Gateways and Network Server Simplify and Speed Up Network Deployments, Accelerate Massive IoT Adoption

The Things Industries, 6/7/2023

Detect and prevent wildfires with LoRaWAN®

The Things Industries, 27/6/2023

Accelerating Industrial IoT with LoRaWAN®

Arduino leverages LoRaWAN for cost-effective industrial solutions

The Things Industries, 19/6/2023

Top Trends and Innovations in LoRaWAN: What to Expect at The Things Conference 2023

The Things Network, 14/6/2023

The Things Stack version 3.26 is released

Improvements in storage integration, QR code reader and more.

The Things Industries, 2/6/2023

Global Logistics solutions with IoT and LoRaWAN®

The Things Industries, 17/5/2023

Smart building automation systems with LoRaWAN®

The Things Industries, 5/5/2023

Unleash your LoRaWAN® deployment’s full potential with The Things Stack Cloud Plus

New The Things Stack tier is fully-featured for large scale LoRaWAN deployment needs

The Things Industries, 20/4/2023

Analyze your gateway, end-device and application health with Network Operations Center

The Things Industries, 11/4/2023

Secure Inventory Monitoring and Tracing for Natural Resources with LoRaWAN®

Argos Inspection and Technologies use The Things Stack for stock monitoring

The Things Industries, 6/4/2023

The Things Stack version 3.25 is released

Application and end-device statistics, message time recordings and more

The Things Industries, 31/3/2023

Private LoRaWAN® turnkey solutions with The Things Industries/Delmation Products

The Things Industries, 23/3/2023

The Things Industries hosts the flagship event about LPWAN - The Things Conference 2023 on 21-22 September

The Things Industries, 17/3/2023

Get support on LoRaWAN® device design and manufacturing from Arrow Electronics and The Things Industries

The Things Industries and Arrow Electronics collaborate on LoRaWAN-enabled device solutions

The Things Industries, 10/3/2023

Protecting world heritage sites with LoRaWAN®

REDYTEL uses Internet of Things network to preserve 2000-year-old Roman mines in Spain

The Things Industries, 3/3/2023

Semtech Collaborates with The Things Industries to Bring LoRaWAN® and Cellular Solutions to Market

The Things Industries, 28/2/2023

The Things Industries reaches 1 million of connected devices to their LoRaWAN® Network Management Infrastructure

The Things Industries, 8/2/2023

The Things Stack version 3.24 is released

Easier access to unseen devices and more

The Things Industries, 3/2/2023

The Things Stack supports open standards for LoRaWAN® gateway integration

The Things Industries, 26/12/2022

The Things Stack's documentation provides all the tools to get started with the LoRaWAN® Network Server

The Things Industries, 21/12/2022

3 ways LoRaWAN® saved the world this year

How LoRaWAN technology helps meeting ESG goals

The Things Industries, 16/12/2022

Get a standardized report from your LoRaWAN® devices with normalized payloads

The Things Stack introduces payload normalization to standardize sensor data interpretation

The Things Industries, 5/12/2022

What’s new in The Things Stack version 3.23

Recover deleted gateways, device onboarding improvements and more

The Things Industries, 2/12/2022

Learn how to use advanced features of The Things Stack to scale your project during live Office Hours

Join live webinar series with The Things Industries team

The Things Industries, 25/11/2022

Optimize smart city infrastructure with LoRaWAN®

How Planet Smart City used The Things Stack to optimise infrastructure in India's Smart Cities

The Things Industries, 17/11/2022

Start benefiting from the enterprise features of The Things Stack

The Things Industries, 11/11/2022

Lacuna Space and The Things Industries partner to provide free access to direct-to-satellite LoRa® connectivity for developers around the world

The Things Industries, 20/9/2022

Arrow Electronics and The Things Industries collaborate on LoRaWAN® device design, manufacturing and security provisioning using Generic Node

Arrow will present at The Things Conference in Amsterdam, 22-23 September

The Things Industries, 14/9/2022

Digitalizing Agriculture with LoRaWAN®

The Things Industries, 5/9/2022

HT Micron partners with The Things Industries' serverless private Join Server, the on-premise Key Management Service for LoRaWAN®

The Things Industries, 31/8/2022

Data-driven smart workplace solutions with LoRaWAN®

How Spacewell uses LoRa technology for space and comfort monitoring in offices

The Things Industries, 22/8/2022

The Things Stack version 3.21 is released

Network Operations Center, gateway monitoring, Packet Broker fixes

The Things Industries, 12/8/2022

Mass-scale LoRaWAN® IoT across smart facilities, smart metering, and asset tracking with The Things Stack

The Things Industries, 29/7/2022

The Things Industries partners with Daizy to provide better device lifecycle management

The Things Industries, 28/6/2022

The Things Stack version 3.20 is released

OAuth client management, multiple gateway support, Console improvements

The Things Industries, 17/6/2022

4 things that will help you avoid extra costs in your IoT deployment

The Things Industries, 7/6/2022

The Things Industries expands LoRaWAN® network capacity by supporting LR-FHSS data rates

The Things Industries, 31/5/2022

The Things Industries and Connexin to deploy LoRaWAN® smart city projects across Coventry and Warwickshire

The Things Industries, 17/5/2022

Which LoRaWAN® Network Server to Choose?

Check out different LNS deployment options

The Things Industries, 26/4/2022

The Things Stack version 3.19 is released

Session management, new ADR settings, application updates

The Things Industries, 22/4/2022

The Things Industries partners with Microsoft Azure and DXC Luxoft to deliver data driven solutions using LoRaWAN®

Johan Stokking discusses The Things Stack and partnership with Microsoft Azure and DXC Luxoft to deliver data driven facilities management solutions for Morgan Sindall

The Things Industries, 1/4/2022

Data driven facilities management solutions using LoRaWAN®

Wienke Giezeman discusses smart home management solutions using Morgan Sindall’s Goldeni Platform and Microsoft Azure

The Things Industries, 21/3/2022

The Things Stack version 3.18 is released

New frequency plan support, integrations and other improvements

The Things Industries, 25/2/2022

The Things Industries partners with Finnish Digita to expand international LoRaWAN® roaming services

The Things Industries, 24/2/2022

Air Quality Monitoring in Schools with LoRaWAN®

How IfE GmbH ensured fewer infection risks for students during the global pandemic with The Things Stack and LoRaWAN.

The Things Industries, 14/2/2022

Why you should use LoRa technology and LoRaWAN® for your next IoT use case

Learn the LoRaWAN fundamentals and applications

The Things Industries, 2/2/2022

The Things Stack version 3.17 released

Better account role management, end device frequency plan filtering, default JoinEUI and more

The Things Industries, 10/1/2022

Enterprise IoT Solutions with LoRaWAN

Read Wienke Giezeman's McKinsey interview on laying the foundation to accelerate the enterprise IoT journey

The Things Industries, 26/11/2021

The Things Stack version 3.16 released

New cluster for UK customers, better application subscription tracking and more improvements

The Things Industries, 12/11/2021

Improve your LoRaWAN® coverage and network performance with Packet Broker

Exchange traffic with other LoRaWAN networks with open Internet of Things packet broker

The Things Industries, 13/10/2021

Introducing the Firmware Update Over The Air (FUOTA) Feature for LoRaWAN® devices using The Things Stack

Learn how the FUOTA makes updates for LoRaWAN devices easier, the requirements required for the FUOTA update, its main users and the benefits of FUOTA

The Things Industries, 30/9/2021

The Things Stack brings LoRaWAN® technology to Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub

Enabling high-quality bidirectional communication between LoRaWAN devices

The Things Industries, 15/9/2021

The Things Stack version 3.14 released

Larger payload formatting, better interaction with end devices, Packet Broker configuration

The Things Industries, 27/7/2021

Leverage Your LoRaWAN® Network with The Things Stack Cloud

Learn how to move commercially relevant gateways to The Things Stack Could without giving up on your TTN Community setup

The Things Industries, 19/7/2021

Operational Solutions for AgTech and EnvironTech on LoRaWAN®

IoT Experts provide digitally-enabled operations running on The Things Stack

The Things Industries, 7/6/2021

The Things Stack version 3.13 released

Device Repository, new integration templates and bidirectional data exchange between The Things Network V2 and The Things Stack

The Things Industries, 28/5/2021

Benefit from multi-tenant LoRaWAN® applications with The Things Stack

Allowing fast deployment and high scalability

The Things Industries, 14/5/2021

Energy harvesting and managing e-Waste with LoRaWAN®

Solutions for building sustainable LoRaWAN product

The Things Industries, 22/4/2021

The Things Stack - version 3.12 released 🎁

Session migrations, Packet Broker enhancements and Console updates

The Things Industries, 19/4/2021

Food Safety Compliance for Restaurants Using LoRaWAN®

ComplianceMate leverages The Things Industries network server for monitoring of cooling equipment.

The Things Industries, 30/3/2021

Implementing Structural Health Monitoring through LoRaWAN®

Move Solutions partners with The Things Industries

The Things Industries, 19/3/2021

What is the difference between The Things Industries and The Things Network?

Start with The Things Network, scale with The Things Industries

The Things Industries, 9/3/2021

The Things Industries brings LoRa® 2.4GHz to The Things Network

The world’s largest LoRaWAN® community can now build global IoT networks on a single frequency

The Things Industries, 8/2/2021

LoRa® is Everywhere: use The Things Stack, a fully-featured LoRaWAN® network server, to scale your business

The Things Industries, 1/2/2021

The Things Industries partners with Deutsche Telekom IoT to combine the power of LoRaWAN and LTE-M

An out-of-the-box connectivity solution allowing for easy setup and secure device-to-cloud communication

The Things Industries, 25/1/2021

Launching a global sensor installation service providing Digital-Twin-as-a-Service

The Things Industries introduces a global Internet of Things hardware installation and maintenance service.

The Things Industries, 22/1/2021

The Things Network is moving to the next-generation LoRaWAN network server

Announcing The Things Stack Community Edition

The Things Network, 22/1/2021

Smart Building Management Solutions

The Things Industries, 1/1/2021

Logistics and asset tracking solutions

The Things Industries, 1/1/2021

Cattle tracking and smart farming solutions

The Things Industries, 1/1/2021

Automated cold chain monitoring

Smart cold chain solutions

The Things Industries, 1/1/2021

Smart agriculture and irrigation solutions

The Things Industries, 1/1/2021

Smart parking on LoRaWAN®

The Things Industries, 1/1/2021

Implementing a GPS cattle tracking solution with LoRaWAN

Using The Things Stack for smart agriculture

The Things Industries, 17/12/2020

Connect your LoRaWAN devices with The Things Stack from your AWS account

Latest updates and announcements to get started

The Things Industries, 7/12/2020

Device Makers Webinar

Simplify Device Configuration, Promotion and Distribution with The Things Stack

The Things Industries, 3/12/2020

Webinar: Supercharging LoRaWAN with AWS and The Things Stack

Getting started, showcases and QnA

The Things Industries, 23/11/2020

The Things Stack - version 3.10 released

Storage integration added, Integration with AWS IoT core and more improvements and bug fixes

The Things Industries, 13/11/2020

Getting to Know LoRa Basics™ Station

Exploring the benefits of LoRa Basics™ Station, what it can do and how to use it.

The Things Industries, 3/11/2020

Measuring the impact of heat and smoke on farmers using LoRaWAN

The Things Stack Cloud in action

Thingy IOT, 12/10/2020

Webinar: Leveraging LoRaWAN with The Things Stack

Walkthrough, Deployment Options and new features

The Things Industries, 18/9/2020

What is a LoRaWAN Network Server?

Discover the components, features and different deployment models

The Things Industries, 27/8/2020

The Things Industries launches a global LoRaWAN® network peering

Packet Broker is an open, global platform for exchanging LoRaWAN traffic across networks.

The Things Industries, 22/8/2020

The Things Industries launches Global Join Server with a series of device makers to simplify LoRaWAN® device provisioning

A secure device pre-provisioning platform with zero vendor lock-in and being operator agnostic

The Things Industries, 30/6/2020

2.4 GHz LoRa

Start using LoRa® 2.4GHz with The Things Stack. Request free evaluation server, no questions asked

The Things Industries, 24/6/2020

The Things Industries Partners with CYSEC to Offer a New Dimension to LoRaWAN® Security

The Things Industries, 30/4/2020

The Things Industries to Provide LoRaWAN® Satellite Connectivity for Evaluation in 2020

The Things Industries, 30/1/2020

The Things Industries named Cool Vendor in IoT by Gartner

The Things Industries, 30/4/2019

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