Launching a global sensor installation service providing Digital-Twin-as-a-Service

The Things Industries introduces a global Internet of Things hardware installation and maintenance service.

January 22, 2021
By The Things Industries

The Things Industries (TTI) introduced a global offering giving access to a global Internet of Things hardware installation and maintenance service.

TTI offers Digital-Twin-as-a-Service

The Internet of Things is emerging fast as an upcoming technology. It allows objects in the real world to talk with ERP systems and cloud applications for better understanding of a company's operations, for compliance reporting and much more.

The benefits of having all this data as a company comes at the cost of managing and installing the sensor networks. TTI has seen this as a recurring challenge by the industry and is now solving that on a global scale.

Today, TTI launches a global offering which allows IoT solution providers to deliver the ‘last mile of IoT’, without the headache. The service is enabled by partners with a strong Device-as-a-Service track record.

The service covers:

For example, a 5-year wholesale contract based on 1 indoor gateway and 6 devices per site, may cost as little as €45 per site per month.

The delivery model is flexible. Large companies with their own IT field service can use a slim version of the service.

This service will not only drastically lower the total cost of ownership of large sensor deployments across sites. It will also ensure the highest level of data security and compliance with upcoming e-waste laws.

The data will be provided using the emerging Digital Twin language standard and delivered in your platform of choice.

The Things Industries' global sensor installation service

Trials will start in Q1 2021 and you can already sign up now.

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See the announcement at The Things Conference 2021:

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