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The Things Stack

The carrier-grade LoRaWAN® Network Server (LNS) that scales.

Setup, manage and monitor your LoRaWAN networks with ease. Secure by design and ready to scale.

Adding End Device
Bulk import End Devices
Registering Gateways
Inspecting Live Data
Network Operations Center

Using our device repository, The Things Stack allows you to add end devices to your network in no time.

Register hundreds of devices at once using our CSV/JSON device import feature.

Register gateways with ease using the Console.

Examine live data at a glance, see individual event details and save portions as JSON for further inspection.

Use our Network Operations Center to plot network data, examine network performance and spot anomalies easily.

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At the heart of your IoT project.

The Things Stack is a LoRaWAN Network Server that enables connectivity, management, and monitoring of devices, gateways and end-user applications. Its purpose is to ensure the security, scalability and reliability of data routing throughout the network.

The Things Stack

Why our customers choose us.

Review The Thing Stack features.


Developer Friendly


Elaborate Documentation


API first and highly scalable


Secure by design


Feature Complete


LoRaWAN® Network reference model


Support all LoRaWAN versions


Integrate with major platforms


Expert Support


24/7 Support available


Access to technology experts


< 99.9% SLA applicable

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