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Top Trends and Innovations in LoRaWAN: What to Expect at The Things Conference 2023

June 14, 2023
By The Things Network

The IoT market has immense growth potential, with an estimated $5.5 trillion to $12.6 trillion in global value by 2030, according to a McKinsey report. As we look ahead to the next wave of advancements, The Things Conference 2023 emerges as a pivotal event, set to take place on 21-22 September in Amsterdam. Here are the latest industry trends that will be covered during the event:

1. Increased Adoption in Various Industries

Reports by IoT Analytics, DHL and Cisco show that the global market size for LoRaWAN across various industries will significantly increase: smart city solutions market will increase by 42,1% by 2025, the market for smart agriculture solutions leveraging LoRaWAN was expected to reach $1.3 billion, smart logistics $1.9 trillion by 2025, with more industries to grow. According to McKinsey, B2B applications are expected to account for 65% of the IoT’s potential by 2030, while B2C applications grow quickly due to increased home adoption. Check out the variety of use cases LoRaWAN enables today

2. Advancements in Battery Life and Power Efficiency

Innovations in LoRaWAN chipsets and devices have resulted in improved power efficiency, extending the battery life of devices. Devices like Kerlink’s Wirnet iFemtoCell, Libelium Smart Agriculture PRO, Adeunis Pulse LoRaWAN Sensor or Ambient Light solutions by Dracula Technologies are some examples that demonstrate advancements in battery life and power efficiency.

3. LoRaWAN as a key tool to meet ESG goals

LoRaWAN features like low power consumption and secure data transmission make it well-suited for applications that contribute to environmental, social and governance goals. According to research by Transforma Insights, many of the most impactful IoT applications in terms of Sustainability benefits are well-suited to LoRaWAN. Examples include Smart Building, Smart Grid, Supply Chain, Smart Cities, Remote Monitoring, and Agriculture applications and more. Based on Transforma Insights’ research, in these contexts, LoRaWAN strongly over-indexes in terms of impact on water and electricity consumption when compared to other IoT connectivity technologies. This year’s The Things Conference will highlight a diversity of examples, from energy harvesting for LoRaWAN devices to real examples of how to achieve your ESG goals with LoRa today.

At The Things Conference 2023, attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to dive into the current trends shaping the LoRaWAN landscape. With expert insights, thought-provoking sessions, and hands-on workshops, The Things Conference promises to empower attendees with the knowledge and tools they need to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving IoT ecosystem. Check out the schedule

Mark your calendars for The Things Conference 2023 on 21-22 September in Amsterdam, where the brightest minds in the industry will come together to share, learn, and shape the future of LoRaWAN. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be at the forefront of IoT innovation.

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