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The Things Stack version 3.21 is released

Network Operations Center, gateway monitoring, Packet Broker fixes

August 12, 2022
By The Things Industries

Check out release notes

Check your gateway performance with Network Operations Center

The newly implemented feature - Network Operations Center, allows you to easily access gateway data such as connectivity, traffic, signal, uptime and much more. Access it at your deployment domain - more information in release notes.

Monitor multiple gateways at once

With v3.21, you can now fetch Gateway Connection Stats for a batch of gateways with BatchGetGatewayConnectionStats RPC.

Disable the downlink scheduling mechanism for individual end devices

This option is useful during a migration procedure in order to force the end device to join the new network. The Network Server will no longer schedule any data downlinks or MAC commands, and will stop answering potential join requests.

Support for comma-separated values

Importing devices via CVS file format has become easier with support for comma-separated (,) values.

Support for sticky MAC commands

With version 3.21, The Things Stack now supports the sticky answer mechanism according to the standard. More info

Changes in generated device ID

Generated device ID based on a DevEUI from an imported CSV file is now prepended by eui-. This is consistent with generated device IDs by the Console.

Packet Broker fixes

Issues on Packet Broker’s network configuration pages have been fixed.

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