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The Things Industries Announces Support for LoRaWAN® Relay to Enhance IoT Connectivity

September 21, 2023
By The Things Industries

The Things Industries, a global leader in IoT connectivity solutions, is adding LoRaWAN Relay functionality to its network server, The Things Stack.

LoRaWAN Relay is an innovative capability that allows data to be transmitted over longer distances and through challenging environments, thereby expanding the network coverage and enhancing the overall reliability of IoT deployments. It achieves this by extending the reach of LoRaWAN networks through intermediary devices known as "relays." Check out the announcement from LoRa Alliance

The introduction of LoRaWAN Relay functionality in The Things Stack presents numerous benefits for IoT solution providers, device manufacturers, and end-users:

Enhanced Coverage: LoRaWAN Relays extend the range of LoRaWAN networks, making it possible to connect devices in previously inaccessible or remote areas. This is particularly valuable for applications in agriculture, environmental monitoring, and logistics.

Improved Reliability: The relay feature improves the reliability of data transmission by creating redundancy within the network. In case of device disconnection or network issues, data can be rerouted through relays, ensuring that critical information is not lost.

Cost-Effective Scalability: Businesses can now deploy LoRaWAN networks that cover larger geographic areas without the need for a significant increase in gateways. This scalability is essential for smart city initiatives, utilities, and industrial IoT projects.

Optimized Battery Life: With the ability to reach distant gateways via relays, IoT devices can conserve battery power by transmitting data over shorter distances, resulting in longer operational lifespans.

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To expand its IoT connectivity capabilities, Connexin, a leading IoT solutions provider, has embraced the Relay feature within The Things Stack to further amplify its reach. Through this, Connexin is set to enable more robust and far-reaching solutions for their clients in various industries.

“The most obvious benefit of using LoRaWAN relay is to extend the range of a LoRaWAN network. This can be particularly useful in areas where it’s not feasible or cost-effective to install additional gateways,” Dan Preece, Vice President of IoT, Connexin.

The introduction of LoRaWAN Relay functionality in The Things Stack is particularly relevant for the following industries:

Agriculture: Farmers can deploy IoT sensors across expansive fields, even in remote areas, to monitor soil conditions, crop health, and weather patterns.

Logistics and Supply Chain: Improved network coverage ensures real-time tracking of assets, including containers, vehicles, and packages, in areas with limited gateway infrastructure.

Smart Cities: Municipalities can extend their LoRaWAN networks to cover vast urban areas, enabling various smart city applications, such as waste management, street lighting, and environmental monitoring.

Utilities: Utility companies can deploy remote monitoring solutions for water, gas, and electricity infrastructure in hard-to-reach locations, ensuring efficient and reliable service.

Environmental Monitoring: Researchers and environmental organizations can gather data from remote and environmentally sensitive areas, aiding in conservation efforts and climate monitoring.

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