Introducing the Firmware Update Over The Air (FUOTA) Feature for LoRaWAN® devices using The Things Stack

Learn how the FUOTA makes updates for LoRaWAN devices easier, the requirements required for the FUOTA update, its main users and the benefits of FUOTA

September 30, 2021
By The Things Industries

Many devices are connected by LoRaWAN® supporting various applications. These devices are deployed in many inaccessible or remote locations. For these devices to be updated with different features, The Things Industries introduces the Firm Update Over The Air (FUOTA) feature for LoRaWAN connected devices where it enables the updates of multiple connected devices remotely and helps in reducing maintenance overhead.

Using The Things Stack Firm Update Over The Air (FUOTA) feature, companies can remotely update their firmware of multiple devices over LoRaWAN. Firmware updates involve remotely updating the code on an embedded device. The update is then delivered wirelessly over the air and then sent directly to the device, without the need to tinker with the underlying hardware. Firmware updates are essential for large scale deployment of connected devices. The security patches protect customers and business data, and also new functionality, optimization and specialization extend the lifetime of the devices.

The LoRaWAN FUOTA process can be split into two parts:

The basic requirements for the FUOTA update are addressed from the server side (FUOTA server) and the other from the device side (Update client):

Watch The Things Industries’ Firmware Developer Ahmed Elsalahy’s detailed guide to LoRaWAN FUOTA and the setup process using The Things Stack:

The main users who benefit from the FUOTA feature are:

Firmware Update Over The Air benefits for LoRaWAN devices:

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