The Things Stack version 3.16 released

New cluster for UK customers, better application subscription tracking and more improvements

November 12, 2021
By The Things Industries

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The Things Stack Cloud eu2 cluster released

The new cluster eu2 is deployed in London for The Things Stack Cloud customers in the United Kingdom. It aims to enable low latency for gateways in the region.

the things stack cour cluster picker

Better tracking of Application subscription

New metrics and events in the Console have been added, improving message receipt acknowledgment from gateways, Application subscription tracking and Gateway downlink performance.

Interoperability between LoRaWAN® networks

With version 3.16, The Things Stack Cloud users that have their own Cloud setup can make use of the new interoperability feature. This feature enables LoRaWAN roaming between networks. It can be exposed either by the Join Server or by the Identity Server. Learn more

Gateway Server UDP and Application Server improvements

New The Things Stack version improves Gateway Server UDP, with the default UDP now being 1024, instead of the previous 16. Application Server webhooks and application packages default worker count has also been increased from 16 to 1024.

These improvements enable The Things Stack to process packets faster while ensuring that the package loss is minimized.

More features in version 3.16 have been added to The Things Stack Cloud. Try out The Things Stack Cloud before subscribing fully with Discovery Tier

The Things Stack version 3.31 is released

The Things Stack version 3.31 is released

Network Operations Center improvements and more

The Things Industries, 5/7/2024

The Things Stack Expands Its Network with Asia Cluster

The Things Stack Expands Its Network with Asia Cluster

Introducing the as1 cluster: enhancing connectivity and reducing latency for customers in Asia

The Things Industries, 10/6/2024

The Things Stack 東アジアおよび東南アジアクラスターでネットワークを拡大

The Things Stack 東アジアおよび東南アジアクラスターでネットワークを拡大

as1 クラスターのご紹介: 東アジアおよび東南アジア地域のお客さま向けに接続性を強化し、遅延を低減

The Things Industries, 10/6/2024

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