Benefit from multi-tenant LoRaWAN® applications with The Things Stack

Allowing fast deployment and high scalability

May 14, 2021
By The Things Industries

With The Things Stack's multi-tenancy feature, companies can create multi-tenant configurations to serve different customers or segments in virtually isolated environments deployed in multiple servers around the world. This way, resellers can use a multi-tenant cluster allowing for easy customers onboarding, management and billing.

The Things Stack allows multi-tenancy

Multi-tenancy is available with The Things Stack Enterprise and The Things Stack Dedicated Cloud. These deployments allow users to install, operate and manage the network on their own infrastructure or on an isolated one from The Things Industries.

Using this feature, organizations can create unlimited tenants and shared devices with members. They can also define different rights and roles for each tenant.

As a result, Meshed Australia only needs one instance of The Things Stack to provide cities, industries and communities with their own LoRaWAN networks. This means that updates and upgrades are deployed once for all users, and customer onboarding is quick and easy.

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