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Mass-scale LoRaWAN® IoT across smart facilities, smart metering, and asset tracking with The Things Stack

July 29, 2022
By The Things Industries

LoRaWAN is a long-range, low power and wide-area communication technology that allows sending data around wide-area networks. This enables the usage of LoRaWAN in a variety of use cases, from cattle tracking to monitoring conveyor belts. With flexible deployment options and multi-region support, The Things Stack fulfills global use cases. Learn how to scale with LoRaWAN and IoT across the smart facilities, smart metering, and asset tracking.

Smart Buildings

A smart building use case can require as little as one LoRa gateway for multiple applications. Most common smart facility solutions include temperature, humidity, CO2, movement and occupancy sensors. The Device Repository for LoRaWAN allows you to find a variety of devices across different categories, which makes it easy to find a substitute for a missing device brand. Device Repository is also integrated with The Things Stack, which structures devices connected to your application in a harmonized way. This means that the application and your ERP system treat different sensors in the same way, allowing you to be flexible during the component shortage, and more.

The Things Stack Cloud is preferred for smart facility applications because it is cost-effective and easily deployed. The Things Stack is easily integrated with the existing company IT infrastructure. The Cloud deployment allows you to operate a large number of sensors, with easy installation through mass import. The Things Stack supports open standards through CLI scripting and an API.

Smart Metering

Smart metering applications require several well-placed gateways in a city or area. In most cases, a large number of smart meters need to be deployed. Mainly, smart meters are used for utilities such as water, electricity, and gas.

Device Repository showcases a variety of smart meters (retrofit and fully integrated) that help you to build your smart metering applications.

The Things Stack Cloud features facilitate smart metering network operations:

Asset tracking

LoRaWAN makes it easy and cost-effective to track highly valued assets in logistics. It is required that gateways are installed at different points (E.g. port, distribution center, retail store) in a supply chain to allow sensors to send their location data to the LoRaWAN network.

Device Repository features trackers fully supported by The Things Stack depending on your needs. It includes trackers from GPS- up to LR1110 chip-enabled.

The Things Stack Cloud allows customers to manage multi-continent logistic applications by providing global LoRaWAN coverage:

Watch the video of Wienke Giezeman, CEO and co-founder of The Things Industries explaining mass-scale LoRaWAN IoT across four verticals with The Things Stack:

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