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The Things Stack version 3.17 released

Better account role management, end device frequency plan filtering, default JoinEUI and more

January 10, 2022
By The Things Industries

Default JoinEUI for the Join Server

New operators can now get a default JoinEUI when joining The Things Stack. With the new API, default JoinEUI will now help new users to identify the Join Server faster and easier. More information on how to request a default JoinEUI in release notes

New frequency plan selection for end devices

With The Things Stack version 3.17, you can now filter end device frequency plans in end device forms based on band id in the Console. Frequency plan selection has become more intuitive.

Better account role management

Applications, OAuth clients, gateways and organizations now have distinctive contact names that help to better distribute roles between account users. Choose an appropriate setting for administrative or technical users.

See device location in the Console

End devices that carry automatic location data will now be visible on the end device map in the Console.

enter image description here

These and other features implemented in version 3.17 make The Things Stack even more user-friendly than before. Start building your LoRaWAN project with The Things Stack now. Discover The Things Stack before subscribing

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