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The Things Industries Partners with CYSEC to Offer a New Dimension to LoRaWAN® Security

April 30, 2020
By The Things Industries

The Things Industries is partnering with CYSEC SA, a cybersecurity company from Switzerland, to offer a highly secure on-premises LoRaWAN network deployment for customers.

As the number of connected devices using The Things Stack LoRaWAN Network server continues to grow in various sectors, security has been and will be a fundamental concern. The LoRaWAN architecture has been taking security into consideration from the very beginning by integrating end-to-end encryption and using well-vetted algorithms. A thorough implementation remains paramount to ensure the cyber resilience of private and mass-scale deployments.

This includes implementing a physical root of trust for the cryptographic secrets that are used to authenticate the devices connected to the network and to encrypt the data in transit.

CYSEC provides a solution to this problem by integrating The Things Industries’ LoRaWAN Join Server and Network Server into its Trusted Execution Environment called “ARCA”. ARCA is a physical appliance which enables the secure deployment of private LoRaWAN networks on-premises by generating, storing and managing the cryptographic keys required by the Application Server and Network Server in a Hardware Security Module (HSM).

Using ARCA in the backend to run The Things Industries’ LoRaWAN stack perfectly complements the partnership of The Things Industries with Microchip Technology, who jointly introduced an embedded Secure Element allowing the secure provisioning, storage and usage of LoRaWAN keys in combination with the internal cryptographic algorithms.

The resulting implementation will offer end-to-end cybersecurity using physical root of trust on both the devices and the back end, enabling customers to build mass-scale, long-range and low power data networks combining reliability and security.

'Cybersecurity is becoming more and more important as LoRaWAN private networks are scaling up. We want our customers to benefit from the best solutions available without putting the burden on them to set up their own backend infrastructure. Thanks to CYSEC we are able to offer them an integrated solution with state-of-the-art performance and an easy, quick and cost-efficient implementation that complements our partnership with Microchip.' - Wienke Giezeman, CEO of The Things Industries

'LoRaWAN is a great example of innovation reaching mass adoption and requiring serious cyber protection. Our secured environment ARCA offers the best compromise between the security of well-proven physical hardware with quick and easy implementation using the latest virtualization tools. We’re delighted to work with a leader in the LoRaWAN ecosystem and to contribute to the growth of the technology' - says Mathieu Bailly, VP IoT at CYSEC


CYSEC SA is a cybersecurity company based at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, Switzerland, whose mission is to shorten the time-to-market of innovative services by facilitating their integration into a secured IT environment. In order to achieve its mission, CYSEC developed a general-purpose security platform called ARCA, able to store data and execute applications in a Trusted Environment. By lowering the barriers to protect data and software, CYSEC enables its customers to benefit from a whole new level of flexibility and agility which is a game-changer today considering the fast pace at which security and business requirements evolve. CYSEC focuses on the provision of its cybersecurity solutions in four vertical sectors, namely financial services, IoT, space and telecommunication.

For more information, please visit

Contact Mathieu Bailly, VP Space and IoT, at

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