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The Things Stack version 3.20 is released

OAuth client management, multiple gateway support, Console improvements

June 17, 2022
By The Things Industries

Check out the release notes

OAuth client management added

Users are now allowed to use The Things Stack for authentication. It is now easier to approve third parties to use The Things Stack account on your behalf, for example, integrators.

enter image description here

Multiple gateway support for Class B and Class C downlink transmissions

The Things Stack v3.20 brings operations quality improvements: sending a message to a group of devices in one region simultaneously has now become possible with downlink transmissions through multiple gateways.

The Storage Integration requires database schema migration

The Storage Integration now stores data using the [json] data type instead of [jsonb]. This is relevant for decoded payloads that may contain null characters. This requires a database schema migration - more info in release notes.

Console tables sorted by creation time

Application, gateways, devices and organizations tables in the Console are now sorted by creation time by default (newest at the top):

enter image description here

Organizations table in the Console now shows the number of collaborators:

enter image description here

Application table in the Console now shows the number of end devices:

enter image description here

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Arrow Electronics and The Things Industries collaborate on LoRaWAN® device design, manufacturing and security provisioning using Generic Node

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