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Data driven facilities management solutions using LoRaWAN®

Wienke Giezeman discusses smart home management solutions using Morgan Sindall’s Goldeni Platform and Microsoft Azure

March 21, 2022
By The Things Industries

LoRaWAN has unique capabilities for digital transformation. It is a critical element of the connectivity fabric and is used in several domains such as smart home management. Wienke Giezeman, CEO and Co-founder of The Things Industries and Phil Copperwheat, Information systems director of Morgan Sindall, collaborate in a partner innovation series with Tony Shakib, GM of Microsoft Azure IoT about the Goldeni platform. Goldeni improves the health and environmental impact of residential properties using low power, battery-operated sensors, The Things Industries software and gateways, and Microsoft Azure.

Goldeni is a data analytics software platform, a part of Morgan Sindall, with a focus to deliver smart home solutions and services for social housing landlords. Goldeni is deploying cutting-edge IoT and LoRaWAN devices and gateways provided by The Things Industries across 15,000 homes to gain insights into the home health and environmental impact. The sensor data is passed through Goldeni’s insights platform, which is built on the Microsoft Azure and Power Bi platforms, to deliver actionable insights and advise engineering teams of any issues requiring their attention.

The Things Industries addressed collaboration with Azure IoT by first looking into the tracking evolution of Azure IoT and how it connects the physical world to the Microsoft cloud where prediction, simulation and action can be taken.

"The simplicity of the low code/no code architecture is a proof of. We are not an IoT company that tries to do a lot of things. We work hard to be the best in LoRaWAN and adapt to the IT infrastructure that is already there in the enterprise,” - Wienke Giezeman, CEO and Co-founder, The Things Industries

Furthermore, Microsoft and The Things Industries have aligned in the mission to make IoT available for any corporate developer without extensive IoT knowledge. They make sure that their software easily integrates with the Azure IoT which would enable them to inherit a world full of IT Architecture and IT Governance that is already implemented in the enterprise’s Azure account.

“We tend to over complicate IoT. But if you do the right partner and technology cherry picking as an enterprise, successful digital transformation is literally thrown into your lap” - Wienke Giezeman.

Watch the full Partner Innovation series to learn more about providing smart home management solutions using LoRaWAN technology and best uses of LoRaWAN.

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