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The Things Stack version 3.27 is released

Improved Network Operations Center, an updated downlink retry limit, and more

August 1, 2023
By The Things Industries

Check out the release notes

Network Operations Center improvements

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New application downlink retry limit

A new limit on retries for confirmed application downlinks has been implemented. There is now a cap on how many times a single downlink can be re-queued if the end device doesn't acknowledge the receipt of the downlink.

Storage optimisations for Application Server uplinks

Optimisations have been made to the storage of Application Server uplinks. This allows more efficient memory usage in self-hosted deployments.

Fixed event streams on end device navigation

The end device event streams now properly close when navigating to other pages, remedying instances where the event stream may become stuck.

Efficient end device management with batch deletion

The introduction of a new batch end device deletion API makes device management more efficient. This update allows the deletion of multiple end devices at once, significantly reducing time spent on device management tasks.

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