Which LoRaWAN® Network Server to Choose?

Check out different LNS deployment options

April 26, 2022
By The Things Industries

Which LoRaWAN® Network Server to Choose?

Every LoRaWAN use case consists of four components: end devices, gateways, network server and application. The crucial part in a successful use case is played by the Network Server, which routes messages from end devices to the right application and back. Its key objective is to ensure data routing security, scalability, and dependability across the network. Learn what is a LoRaWAN Network Server

LoRaWAN Network Server allows you to deploy cost-effective IoT projects. Learn which Network Server you should choose depending on your deployment needs:

The Things Stack Cloud

The Things Stack Cloud is a great start for businesses and enterprises. It is a go-to option for most industry deployments, with monitoring and alerting tools, multi-region support and possibility to interoperate with other networks. The Things Stack Cloud is easily integrated with your existing IT infrastructure.

The Things Stack Cloud is a LoRaWAN Network Server for commercial use cases and for solution providers and integrators that want to offer LoRaWAN solutions to their customers.

Check out the summary of The Things Stack Cloud features:


The Things Stack Cloud Plus

The Cloud Plus tier is a scalable network with all features of the regular Cloud and additional gateway, application and device data features, support plan and billing via invoice. It solves all the common problems of heavy-duty LoRaWAN networks, enabling mass deployments around the world.

The Things Stack Cloud Plus is your go-to tier if your LoRaWAN network is growing fast and requires in-depth analytics.

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The Things Stack Enterprise

The Things Stack Enterprise takes The Things Stack features to a larger scale. It is focused on the needs of greater-sized deployments, providing full security and control - as The Things Stack’s on-premise version. The Things Stack Enterprise plan provides full enterprise support: 24/7 available support team, guidance with installation and operation and mulit-tenant deployments.

The Things Stack Enterprise is a LoRaWAN Network Server suitable for industrial, large-scale deployments.

The Things Stack Discovery

Try out The Things Stack’s advanced features on a smaller scale deployment with The Things Stack Discovery Tier. Register up to 10 devices, 1 gateway and 1 application and benefit from The Things Stack’s security and flexibility before subscribing to a paid plan.

The Things Stack Discovery is a top choice for startups and SMEs.

Try The Things Stack

The Things Stack Sandbox

Are you a standalone developer that is curious about LoRaWAN and wants to use it for personal projects? Then The Things Stack Sandbox is the way to go. Become a contributor to the largest open source community - The Things Network.

The Things Stack Sandbox is a good start for do-it-yourself LoRaWAN projects. Install the open source network files and get support from the community members on the forum.

The Things Stack is a flexible and secure LoRaWAN Network Server that is accessible to everyone on different stages of their IoT journey. From personal projects to global use cases, The Things Stack allows users to customize their solutions by connecting any type of hardware or software to the network server.

Not sure which plan would suit your specific use case’s needs? Find help with choosing deployment option with use case selector: Start now

You don’t have to do this alone. Our support team is ready to guide you on all stages of your development journey. Get support in implementing your LoRaWAN use case

The Things Stack version 3.31 is released

The Things Stack version 3.31 is released

Network Operations Center improvements and more

The Things Industries, 5/7/2024

The Things Stack Expands Its Network with Asia Cluster

The Things Stack Expands Its Network with Asia Cluster

Introducing the as1 cluster: enhancing connectivity and reducing latency for customers in Asia

The Things Industries, 10/6/2024

The Things Stack 東アジアおよび東南アジアクラスターでネットワークを拡大

The Things Stack 東アジアおよび東南アジアクラスターでネットワークを拡大

as1 クラスターのご紹介: 東アジアおよび東南アジア地域のお客さま向けに接続性を強化し、遅延を低減

The Things Industries, 10/6/2024

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