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The Things Stack version 3.14 released

Larger payload formatting, better interaction with end devices, Packet Broker configuration

July 27, 2021
By The Things Industries

Check the release notes

Set payload formatters up to 40kB

With The Things Stack version 3.14, data coming to and from end devices with larger payload formatters can be processed. As of version 3.14, payload formatters can be set up to 40kB instead of the previous 4kB.

For more information about payload formatter, read the documentation

Or check out this short video:

LR-FHSS modulation

Version 3.14 features LR-FHSS modulation. The Long Range - Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum increases network capacity and interference resistance, allowing for expanded deployment options throughout the world. With its expanded frequency range, larger payloads at high power and low data rates, LR-FHSS enables LoRaWAN network satellite connectivity and deeper indoor coverage. See the RP2-1.0.2 LoRaWAN® Regional Parameters, published by the LoRa Alliance to learn more about LR-FHSS.

Azure IoT Hub integration

Benefit from Azure IoT Hub features without writing your own bridge on The Things Stack version 3.14. The integration allows you to connect already existing LoRaWAN devices and start sending data without requiring any changes to the end devices themselves. Use your Azure infrastructure via Azure Event Grid, Azure Event Hub, or Azure Service Bus to process the traffic.

The Things Stack v3.14 supports the following Azure IoT Hub features:

Azure IoT Hub integration in The Things Stack Console

Device Twin integration

Device Twin integration in v3.14 leverages capabilities of Device Repository, automatically assigning Azure IoT Hub Device Twin to end devices. This enables easy device status reporting and command scheduling, allowing interaction between user and device at a high-quality level. Learn how Device Twin enhances Azure IoT Hub integration

Configure Packet Broker in The Things Stack Cloud

Configure your Packet Broker routing policies in The Things Stack Console. Choose what type of traffic you want to peer (joins, uplinks, downlink, etc) and define where you would like to peer the traffic to. Learn more

Packet Broker console support

Connect The Things Indoor Gateway to The Things Stack

Migrate your The Things Indoor Gateway, a LoRaWAN gateway with WiFi as the backhaul, to The Things Stack. Read the documentation on how to claim your gateway and connect it to The Things Stack. Learn more

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