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Deploying a global LoRa 2.4GHz network

Customer Challenge

Wilhelmsen offers a maritime services portfolio to half of the world’s merchant fleet and over 2000 ports globally. Given the global importance of the maritime sector, its economic footprint and global emissions, even the smallest efficiency gains in sea routes, maintenance and cargo management will have a significant impact on reducing CO2, operational costs and delivery times.

Data is critical in finding these inefficiencies in our supply chains. Whether it’s data about the condition of onboard equipment, crew safety, reefers, in-transit vehicles, or the location of assets onshore. With the right tools, Wilhelmsen transforms this data into new information-based services that will help us make informed decisions. These services are then used to streamline internal operations, or offered to port operators and authorities, shipping lines, handlers, manufacturers, etc.


Together The Things Industries and Wilhelmsen is building its IoT of the Seas platform. To provide a ubiquitous, interoperable, globally harmonised, standardised and open platform for solution providers like Wilhelmsen and its contractors. The platform comprises a number of highly integrated components that together offer end-to-end services that generate impact. These components include sensor manufacturers, radio network operators, systems integrators, application developers, and a technology stack that transcends the maritime supply chain.

Why Wilhelmsen selected TTI

“Bring your IoT solution to life with our LoRaWAN based devices and gatewaysAll the hardware can be used with The Things Enterprise Stack. Bring your IoT solution to life with our LoRaWAN based devices and gateways All the hardware can be used with The Things Enterprise Stack”.

- Someone, Developer at Wilhelmsen

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