Enabling food safety in cold chains

Customer challenge

ComplianceMate is a major provider of cold chain solutions for professional food environments. They offer a range of products to drive HACCP compliance for restaurants. Regulations dictate that monitoring of cooling equipment is required to ensure food safety. But logging and alerting are often inaccurate, expensive and fault sensitive due to the human nature of the activity. Automating these activities using LoRaWAN solutions eliminates manual activity and makes monitoring very accurate. The challenge is to ensure automated compliance logging and employee alerting. So the sensor data needs to be bridged smoothly through to our cloud-based server solutions across a global base of restaurants.


ComplianceMate deploys LoRaWAN gateways and devices across thousands of sites in three continents. Due to the multi-region distribution of our cloud-hosted LoRaWAN network server, we can guarantee data availability across sites. Devices are pre-registered by the device maker, with pre-commissioned root keys. This makes the process of ownership transfer and device activation extremely efficient for ComplianceMate while being end-to-end secure.

Solution benefits

Why ComplianceMate selected TTI

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“Bring your IoT solution to life with our LoRaWAN based devices and gatewaysAll the hardware can be used with The Things Enterprise Stack. Bring your IoT solution to life with our LoRaWAN based devices and gateways All the hardware can be used with The Things Enterprise Stack”.

- Someone, Developer at Wilhelmsen

More use cases

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