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Network Operations Center (NOC)

Get actionable data for your LoRaWAN deployments with extensive device and gateway metrics

Network Operation Center
Real time insights and troubleshooting

Why the NOC?

The Things Stack Network Operations Center makes it easy for network administrators to get detailed insights into Gateways, Applications and Devices. Important metrics such as gateway uptime, radio utilization, end device packet rate, channel utilization and much more are easily accessible to keep track of the health of your network.

The Things Stack Schema
Detailed data from every device

More metrics

The Things Stack Network Operations Center also has detailed metrics per gateway, per application, per device, which help you identify and prevent specific problems. The Things Stack Network Operations Center comes with a powerful and flexible API which provides raw metrics for the user to build custom dashboards.

See The Things Stack Network
Operations Center in action

Benefits of the Network Operation Center

Get an overview on what matters


Gateway Insights

Access metrics such as uptime, channel utilization, packet loss, and more for your gateways.


End Device Insights

Track the activity of devices by checking when devices were last seen, signal quality metrics such as RSSI and packet error rates.


Application Insights

Create holistic analysis by accessing aggregated data from all devices within your application.


Powerful and Flexible API

Gain access to raw metrics to build your own customized dashboards that align with your business needs.

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How to use the NOC

Seamlessly integrate our NOC into your operations

Initiating your journey with our Network Operation Center (NOC) is a straightforward process designed to integrate seamlessly with your current systems, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

Step 1

Get The Things Stack Cloud or Enterprise Account.

The Things Stack Schema

Step 2

Connect a device and gateway.

The Things Stack Schema

Step 3

Wait for some traffic from the device.

The Things Stack Schema

Step 4

Head over to the Network Operations Center.

The Things Stack Schema

Get started with The Things Stack NOC

Start making data-informed decisions for your IoT project.

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