Adding Webhook Templates

The Things Stack uses webhook templates from the lorawan-webhook-templates Github repository.

Once you have created a new webhook template with a proper format, you can easily test it locally by following the next steps:

  1. Clone the lorawan-webhook-templates Github repository to a local folder.

  2. Store your webhook template in the previously mentioned folder.

  3. Include your webhook template in the templates.yml file.

  4. Update your The Things Stack configuration file by adding the following lines:

      directory: "path-to-the-folder-containing-your-webhook-template"

or use command line option when running The Things Stack instead.

Go to the Console and select Webhooks tab in Integrations menu. Click the Add webhook button and you will see your template. At this point, you can test your webhook template.

Webhook template successfully added

To make your webhook template available in most deployments when the next version is deployed, open a pull request on the lorawan-webhook-templates Github repository.