Webhook Path Variables

Webhook path variables allow you to substitute device and application specific variables in webhook paths. This section provides instructions for using webhook path variables.

Webhook path variables allow you to use the following variables in webhook paths:

  • appID
  • appEUI
  • joinEUI
  • devID
  • devEUI
  • devAddr

Path variables can be inserted in the Base URL webhook field or the Path field for a particular type of message.

For example, if the Base URL is https://app.example.com/lorahooks{/appID} and the Path is /up{/devID} an uplink from the device dev1 of application app1 will be posted at https://app.example.com/lorahooks/app1/up/dev1.

See IETF RFC65700 for more documentation about URL path variables. The Things Stack supports all forms of path variable substitution.