Deutsche Bahn

Enabling LoRaWAN across the entire “Bahn” (railway)

German Rail (Deutsche Bahn, DB) is one of the world's largest rail operator and transportation companies, with over 300.000 employees and pan-European operations. DB is implementing various LoRaWAN use cases across departments, concerning ICEs (high-speed trains), stations, maintenance depots and office buildings. Use cases range from synchronising station clocks and passenger counting to the monitoring of spare parts inventory, carriage condition, building utilisation and electricity usage.

The challenge is to have a LoRaWAN network server stack embedded in DB’s private cloud while complying with its strict internal security policies. And to integrate our software with existing systems and IoT infrastructure for seamless operations.


Deutsche Bahn



DB selected The Things Industries to offer a customised template that allows for a self-hosted network server. One that can be securely configured, updated and scaled with AWS Elastic Container Service. We integrated our APIs with DB’s IoT platform, routing LoRaWAN telemetry data to and from its applications, invoking functions on that data, and updating the IoT device registry. This allows DB to interface solely with its own, existing systems while leveraging the full functionality of our network server.

For this successful implementation, DB relies on our deep understanding of the LoRaWAN protocol, security, scalability and DevOps.




Why DB chose The Things Industries:


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