Remote LoRaWAN Training

Join in for a 3-months Training Program on LoRa and LoRaWAN. The program includes lessons on radio modulation, hardware, security, (geo)localization, building custom integrations and many more. During the period of 3 months, experts are available to answer your questions via Forum discussions or live QnA sessions. At the end of the program you’ll have the chance to take an exam and become certified as a loRaWAN Developer.

The Remote LoRaWAN Training includes:

  • 3-months access to the Training Program
  • Certification upon the completion of the exam
  • Access to a team of experts for questions
  • Official starting dates in June, July and August

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or reach out to to apply for a free preview, discounted version (applicable to non-profits, start-ups & academics) or team edition with 5+ accounts.

Enterprise LoRaWAN Training

The core team of The Things Network is organizing LoRaWAN workshops across leading cities in Europe. There are three different levels for these training sessions: LoRaWAN Fundamentals, Dedicated Company Training and Expert Masterclasses.

LoRaWAN Fundamentals

LoRaWAN Fundamentals is a session hosted in the cities of Amsterdam, Zurich, Berlin and Paris, delivered by the core developers of The Things Network. During this full day session, you will learn the basics from a theoretical as well as practical point of view.

The LoRaWAN Fundamentals session include:

  • Full day Training
  • Take home LoRaWAN Dev Kit
  • 3-months Training Program
  • Aftercare for follow-up questions
  • Elaborate documentation
  • Confidential 1-on-1 coaching (on request)

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or reach out to to apply for a free preview of the Training Program or team pricing for 5+ people.

On-Site Dedicated Company Training

Invite The Things Network experts to your office and get a customized training for your enterprise. Some of the options for this training are: Realizing a Proof of Concept in a day, Integrating The Things Network to your own platform or Implementing The Things Network V3 Stack privately.

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Expert Masterclasses (TBA)

Starting in the month of August, LoRaWAN Masterclasses will be held in Amsterdam. With involvement from the leading industry partners, these Masterclasses are organized on advanced topics including: FOTA, Security, Geolocation, Radio planning and Advanced LoRaWAN.

Stay tuned and revisit this page in a few weeks time to learn more.