The Generic Node - Software Defined IoT

Generic Node is a LoRaWAN end device packed with sensors. It supports endless use cases on a single unit with just one supply chain. The Generic Node can support all of them with the Arm Mbed OS easy to use provisioning process. The application running on the Generic Node is provisioned remotely via LoRaWAN firmware updates over the air (FOTA), while the device is in field. This brings immense economies of scale advantage which allows to bring this product at a disruptively low price.

  • Supports endless use cases with an extended sensor set
  • Secure Join & end-to-end encryption
  • Ultra low-power
  • Open, cloud-based development tools
  • FOTA mechanism to upload applications
  • Standard replaceable AA battery
  • Certifications: FCC, EC, India, Japan, Australia, China, LoRa Alliance

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The Things Indoor Gateway

The Things Indoor Gateway is designed to be a LoRaWAN compliant, 8 channel gateway connecting over WiFi. This ultra low-cost gateway comes out-of-the-box configured to an SLA-backed network by The Things Industries for network and gateway management. Owners can connect their gateway to any LoRaWAN network.

  • Frequencies: EU868, US915, AS923
  • Incl. wall plug, and USB-C socket operating on 900mA
  • Transmit power upto +27dBm
  • Supports Basic Station protocol by Semtech
  • LoRaWAN library for easy use
  • Certifications: FCC, EC. In 2019: IC (Canada), Telec (Japan), China, TEC (India), RCM (Australia)

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The Things Outdoor Gateway

This Things Outdoor Gateway is best suited for environments that put high demands robustness and longevity. It features a 3G/4G backhaul along with GPS. The gateway works out-of-the-box, pre-configured to The Things Industries. It is shipped with an already inserted, reprogrammable SIM, so users can select a cellular provider and data plan through a web portal - secure, fast and affordable. Featuring eUICC to prevent lock-in with the provider, while keeping your connection secure with optional IPsec VPN and fixed IP addresses.

  • IP67 casing
  • 3G/4G bands support
  • Frequencies: EU868, US915, AS923, CN470, AU915, IN865
  • Standard included: GPS antenna, PoE adaptor, 5dB omni-directional antenna
  • Transmit power upto +27dBm
  • Waterproof (IP54) casing
  • Certifications: FCC, CE, RCM (Australia), Telec (Japan), NCC (Taiwan), RCM (Australia), Malaysia

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