From sensor to cloud

From sensor to Cloud

Everything you need to build your own IoT solution
with scalable and easy to implement technology using open standards.

We provide support for a wide range of devices in building a sensor network to hosting your data or integrating with the major cloud platforms.


Sensors and actuators to connect your things

Connecting things to the internet using LoRaWAN opens a world full of standard products and components. From smart mousetraps to monitoring devices there is a large eco-system of such devices at your service. And we support them all.

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Standard gateways that connect your sensors

We support all LoRaWAN compatible gateways in the market. Connections between the gateways and The Things Network Server is encrypted and fully secure.

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LoRa Gateway

Network Server

Secure, scalable and reliable routing of the data

The beauty of LoRaWAN is the security and scalabillity of a low power sensor network. This is because a lot of the magic is done in the network server. It is a enterprise grade server product capabable of connecting thousands of gateways and millions of devices.

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Use the IoT-platform of choice

Making the data come to live and generating value from it requires a specific platform matching your use case. We support integrations with the largest around, like AWS IoT, MS Azure,, and many more

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Putting your data to use

We provide a basic set of IoT applications to get your data to work for you.

How to get started

How to get started

As a service

We run an instance of the network server for you, in our private cloud.

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On premises

The network server is hosted on your premises or in your cloud, and managed by us.

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