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LoRaWAN security

Security is key (management).

→ Does your company demand end-to-end security of IoT devices?

→ Does your company demand keys to be managed in its own domain or key management system?

→ Are you a device maker, reseller or integrator that looks to administer devices in one central place?

Then The Things Industries’ Global Join Server is for you. It provides the place to register devices and securely store keys, even before you know which network a device will connect to.

The Join Server stores LoRaWAN root keys and generates session keys to enable secure transmission of LoRaWAN messages. We offer a Global Join Server which interfaces with our own as well as 3rd party LoRaWAN networks. When devices are registered to the Global Join Server, keys are safe, and end-users can configure their network of choice - at any moment.

Key Benefits

The Global Join Server implements the LoRa Alliance Backend Interfaces, so devices are interoperable with the broader LoRaWAN ecosystem.


The device maker registers a device in our Join Server with its own LoRaWAN root keys or keys generated by us. The device maker then creates an authentication code that is shipped along with the device.


The end user receives the devices and claims ownership of the device in the Join Server, using the authentication code. This can be done via the console, a QR code or command utility.


The end user configures the network server and triggers the devices to join. The device is now active, without the risk and hassle of a manual key-handover.