ttn-lw-cli end-devices list-bands

List available band definitions

ttn-lw-cli end-devices list-bands [flags]


      --band-id string       
  -h, --help                 help for list-bands
      --phy-version string   allowed values: PHY_UNKNOWN, unknown, 1.0, 1.0.0, PHY_V1_0, TS001_V1_0, V1_0, 1.0.1, PHY_V1_0_1, TS001_V1_0_1, V1_0_1, 1.0.2, 1.0.2-a, PHY_V1_0_2_REV_A, RP001_V1_0_2, V1_0_2, V1_0_2_REV_A, 1.0.2-b, PHY_V1_0_2_REV_B, RP001_V1_0_2_REV_B, V1_0_2_REV_B, 1.1-a, 1.1.0-a, PHY_V1_1_REV_A, RP001_V1_1_REV_A, V1_1_REV_A, 1.1-b, 1.1.0-b, PHY_V1_1_REV_B, RP001_V1_1_REV_B, V1_1_REV_B, 1.0.3-a, PHY_V1_0_3_REV_A, RP001_V1_0_3_REV_A, V1_0_3_REV_A, RP002_V1_0_0, RP002_V1_0_1, RP002_V1_0_2, RP002_V1_0_3, RP002_V1_0_4

Options inherited from parent commands

      --allow-unknown-hosts                             Allow sending credentials to unknown hosts
      --application-server-enabled                      Application Server enabled (default true)
      --application-server-grpc-address string          Application Server address (default "localhost:8884")
      --ca string                                       CA certificate file
  -c, --config strings                                  Location of the config files (default [.ttn-lw-cli.yml,$HOME/.ttn-lw-cli.yml,$HOME/.config/.ttn-lw-cli.yml])
      --credentials-id string                           Credentials ID (if using multiple configurations)
      --device-claiming-server-grpc-address string      Device Claiming Server address (default "localhost:8884")
      --device-template-converter-grpc-address string   Device Template Converter address (default "localhost:8884")
      --dump-requests                                   When log level is set to debug, also dump request payload as JSON
      --experimental.features strings                   Experimental features to activate
      --gateway-server-enabled                          Gateway Server enabled (default true)
      --gateway-server-grpc-address string              Gateway Server address (default "localhost:8884")
      --identity-server-grpc-address string             Identity Server address (default "localhost:8884")
      --input-format string                             Input format (default "json")
      --insecure                                        Connect without TLS
      --join-server-enabled                             Join Server enabled (default true)
      --join-server-grpc-address string                 Join Server address (default "localhost:8884")
      --log.format string                               Log format to write (console, json) (default "console")
      --log.level string                                The minimum level log messages must have to be shown (default "info")
      --network-server-enabled                          Network Server enabled (default true)
      --network-server-grpc-address string              Network Server address (default "localhost:8884")
      --oauth-server-address string                     OAuth Server address (default "https://localhost/oauth")
      --output-format string                            Output format (default "json")
      --packet-broker-agent-grpc-address string         Packet Broker Agent address (default "localhost:8884")
      --qr-code-generator-grpc-address string           QR Code Generator address (default "localhost:8884")
      --retry.default-timeout duration                  Default timeout between retry attempts (default 100ms)
      --retry.enable-metadata                           Use request response metadata to dynamically calculate timeout between retry attempts (default true)
      --retry.jitter float                              Fraction that creates a deviation of the timeout used between retry attempts
      --retry.max uint                                  Maximum amount of times that a request can be reattempted
      --skip-version-check                              Do not perform version checks
      --telemetry.enable                                Enables telemetry for CLI (default true) string                         Target to which the information will be sent to (default "")