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Device maker enablement

Device makers play a crucial role in the LoRaWAN® ecosystem by developing certified, secure and easy to provision devices. We offer a number of supporting services to device makers throughout the device life cycle:

1 • Global Join Server

Global Join Server to pre-register devices before knowing what network they will connect to.
See LoRaWAN security for more information.

2 • Device claiming

Simplify and secure the process of transferring keys and device ownership between vendor and end user through APIs or QR codes. No root keys have to be exchanged in this process when devices are pre-registered to the Global Join Server. Check out our documentation

3 • Secure element

Secure element with pre-shared root keys to enable end-to-end security.
See end-to-end secured devices for more information.

4 • Free development environment

on The Things Stack to provision and test devices. Get in touch for a free environment.

5 • Device Repository

Add your devices to the Device Repository; an open source, collaborative repository with LoRaWAN compatible devices that are proven to work reliably on The Things Stack. End users will use the Device Repository to speed up the configuration process and avoid device misconfigurations.
See our Github repository for more information.

6 • MCU-agnostic device firmware distribution

This eliminates the need for expensive embedded development resources, increases time-to-market, and reduces the amount of custom firmware development. The firmware distribution works across platforms, and contains a stable and maintained LoRaWAN device stack, Firmware-Updates-Over-The-Air support, secure element support, and a number of drivers for popular sensors. Reach out to our hardware team

7 • Wall of Fame for LoRaWAN devices

Generate continuous exposure by listing your device on our Wall of Fame, allowing anyone to work with your device from anywhere.

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