The Things Stack - v3.9 released

Integrations with cloud platform, enhanced security configurations, improved user management

The Things Stack has now been updated to version 3.9, adding new features, bug fixes and reliability improvements to our LoRaWAN network server.




Webhook templates


AWS IoT Pub/Subs integration

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LoRa Cloud DAS integration Semtech’s platform for Device & Application Services

With the LoRa Cloud Device & Application Services protocol, you can manage common device functionality at the application layer for LoRaWAN devices. This protocol consists of a set of messages, allowing you to:

  1. Periodically communicate info messages
  2. Trigger client-initiated management commands
  3. Run advanced, application-layer protocols

The LoRa Cloud DAS integration can now be enabled via the CLI. In the next update, it can also be connected using the Console

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Australian Cluster added


In addition to the Europe (eu1) and North America (nam1) cluster, the Australian cluster is added. You can access the cluster via



Security configuration


Skip payload encryption and decryption



Improved user management


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Start with your private LoRaWAN network today.

Launch your private network via the link below or reach out to request access to a free evaluation server.





For more details, see our GitHub release notes.