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Meet our team of Internet of Things enthusiasts

Together with a team of professional developers, we create the future of LoRaWAN. Pushing open standards and tools that help the LoRaWAN ecosystem build IoT applications.

Join us

Wienke Giezeman


Johan Stokking


Adrian Mares

Stack Developer and DevOps Engineer

Ben Olayinka

Technical content writer

Hylke Visser

Lead Stack Engineer

Kevin Schiffer

Frontend Developer & Designer

Krishna Iyer Easwaran

Stack and Infrastructure Engineer

Michael Compton

Frontend Developer

Michał Borkowski

Software Developer

Nejra Selimovic

Technical Writer

Orkhan AmirAslan

Hardware Developer

Pierre Philouze


Rishabh Chauhan

Business Developer

Iulia Maria Branescu

Digital Marketing Specialist

Felix Heins

Business Developer

Aneesh Kumar

Support Engineer

Tarun Krishna

Support Engineer

Ram Ganesh

Support Lead

Mani Yakkala

Support Engineer

Anastasia Grammatikopoulou

Marketing Manager

Nicolas Mrad

Product Manager

Ionela Mihalcea

Event Manager

Aniruddha Mahato


Ivan Turasov

Sales Engineer

Darya Plotsnytska

Front End Developer