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LoRaWAN peering

A global LoRaWAN backbone that provides synergies to all.

On the internet, ISPs exchange traffic so packets can end up at the right destination. This exchange is called peering and works regardless of who owns the network. We believe the peering mechanism should not be any different for LoRaWAN.

LoRa messages may be picked up by a third party, and are then dropped. A waste of resources and that should be prevented.

LoRaWAN network collaboration is a means to achieve the following synergies:

To realize the network collaboration, The Things Industries introduced Packet Broker. A network agnostic, global LoRaWAN traffic exchange.

Packet Broker is an open, stand-alone and self-sustaining message broker that interconnects LoRaWAN networks. A network can publish messages they receive from 3rd party devices to Packet Broker. And subscribe to messages that are received by 3rd party gateways. Packet Broker routes encrypted data to a marketplace where members can exchange traffic, free of charge or on commercial bases.

Packet Broker is enabled by default on The Things Stack. Traffic exchange between the public TTN network and our customer’s private networks is therefore also enabled.