What Is The Things Stack?

What Is The Things Stack?

Welcome to The Things Stack! In this section, we help you to understand how to use The Things Stack, who makes it, and common acronyms like TTS, TTI, and TTN.

What is The Things Stack?

The Things Stack is an enterprise grade LoRaWAN network server, built on an open source core. The Things Stack allows you to build and manage LoRaWAN networks on your own hardware or in the cloud.

To get started running The Things Stack on your own, see the installation section. To inquire about a worry-free hosted solution, get in touch with us.

Who makes The Things Stack?

The Things Stack is developed and maintained by The Things Industries.

The Things Industries offers several types of deployments of The Things Stack, for example as a managed cloud service, or with additional proprietary features.

What are TTI, TTN, and TTS?

You might see abbreviations like TTN, TTS, and TTI tossed around in the forums and in other places. Here’s what they mean:

TTS: The Things Stack

TTS is The Things Stack, the LoRaWAN Network Server stack. The Things Stack is currently at version 3 of a Network Server implementation, and is therefore also informally known as V3.

TTN: The Things Network

TTN is The Things Network, which is a public community LoRaWAN network available for anyone to use and extend with their own gateways. The Things Network is operated by community contributors, including The Things Industries. The Things Network has historically run version 2 of the Network Server implementation, but is planned to upgrade to version 3.

In 2021, The Things Network will transition to The Things Stack V3. For a guide on migrating from The Things Network Stack V2 to The Things Stack, see here.

TTI: The Things Industries

TTI is The Things Industries: the company primarily responsible for development of The Things Stack and writing documentation. The Things Industries also offers cloud hosted and on-premises private LoRaWAN networks with additional enterprise features, and premium support plans for enterprise clients. If you’re interested in building your own guaranteed uptime enterprise grade LoRaWAN network, send us an email.