Troubleshooting Getting Started

Troubleshooting Getting Started

This section provides help for common issues and frequently asked questions you may have when getting started with The Things Stack.

If you encounter a bug, please file an issue. If you have questions not covered here, please ask in The Things Stack Forum. To check the status of cloud services, see our status page.

Troubleshooting The Things Stack

How do I generate and authorize OAuth client keys?

See the authentication reference.

How do I create and authorize new users?

See user and organization management.

Troubleshooting Common Errors

Network Error / Reconnecting / Stream errors

A network error in the Console occurs when your browser loses connection to the stream from the network server, which can happen for a number of reasons, such as your computer losing it’s Wi-Fi connection. This does not indicate an error on a device or the network server, just that the stream was interrupted on your computer. Ensure your network connection is active and refresh the page to clear this error.

This happens when an Application is not linked properly to the Network Server. The Things Stack does not support external linking of the Application Server. Ensure that in your application, the Network Server address is blank and that the application API key is valid with linking rights.

Entity Not Found / Device Not Found

Your gateway receives traffic from all devices in range, and The Things Stack drops this traffic if no matching device is found. If you are trying to activate a device but receiving this error, double check your DevEUI and JoinEUI (or AppEUI).

In rare cases, this may also happen to ABP devices if a device resets its frame counters (usually because of a power cycle) and can not be found by the session. In this case, it is necessary to re-activate the device. OTAA prevents this problem from occurring, and is more secure in general, so it is the preferred form of activation when possible.

An uplink was received and forwarded by multiple gateways, but due to backhaul latency or a Packet Broker one arrived outside the deduplication window and was dropped.

Invalid Major / JoinRequestPHYPayload Length / Unknown MType

These are typically non-LoRaWAN traffic received by a gateway on your network.