Activating Devices on Cloud

The Things Join Server is a LoRaWAN Join Server. Learn how to activate devices on The Things Industries Cloud.

Command-line interface only

The instructions below use the command-line interface (CLI).


  1. Command-line interface (CLI) configuration file with Cloud cluster. See The Things Join Server
  2. Devices registered in The Things Join Server. You can achieve this in two ways:
  3. Register devices with root keys. See registering devices on The Things Join Server
  4. Claim secure elements. See Claim ATECC608A-TNGLORA secure elements

Login with CLI

Use the command-line interface (CLI) configuration file with Cloud cluster.

$ ttn-lw-cli login


When registering the devices on a Network Server and Application Server, you need the following information:

  1. The NetID of The Things Network: 000013
  2. LoRaWAN version (i.e. 1.0.2)
  3. LoRaWAN Regional Parameters version (i.e. 1.0.2-b)
  4. Frequency plan (i.e. EU_863_870 or US_902_928)

List the supported LoRaWAN versions, regional parameters versions, frequency plans and other options with:

$ ttn-lw-cli end-devices list-frequency-plans
$ ttn-lw-cli end-devices set --help

To register the device in application test-app with device ID eui-0004a310001ff9e0:

$ ttn-lw-cli end-devices set test-app eui-0004a310001ff9e0 \
  --net-id 000013 \
  --lorawan-version 1.0.2 \
  --lorawan-phy-version 1.0.2-b \
  --frequency-plan-id EU_863_870 \
  --supports-join \
Show output
  "ids": {
    "device_id": "eui-0004a310001ff9e0",
    "application_ids": {
      "application_id": "test-app"
    "dev_eui": "0004A310001FF9E0",
    "join_eui": "70B3D57ED0000000"
  "created_at": "2019-12-06T17:19:47.330Z",
  "updated_at": "2019-12-09T13:01:30.207753911Z",
  "network_server_address": "",
  "join_server_address": "",
  "lorawan_version": "1.0.2",
  "lorawan_phy_version": "1.0.2-b",
  "frequency_plan_id": "EU_863_870",
  "supports_join": true,
  "net_id": "000013"

You can now activate the devices on The Things Industries Cloud.