Device Claiming

Enterprise and Cloud Only

The following instructions apply to Enterprise and Cloud distributions. See the downloads page for a feature breakdown of distributions of The Things Stack.

Device claiming is a mechanism that transfers devices securely from one application to another. This section provides guides for making devices claimable and claiming them.

Who is it for?

It is used to transfer ownership from a device maker to a device owner, or to a new device owner.

Typical use cases

  1. Purchasing a new device and registering it to the Console in an easy and secure way.
  2. Transferring ownership to a new device owner.

How does it work?

After pre-provisioning a device, device makers register it on The Things Join Server or on their Cloud cluster, generate a QR code for claiming and stick it to the device. When purchasing a device, new device owners scan this QR code to claim it to their application.

Learn how to claim a device

Device claiming does not transfer a security session for a device, it only transfers ownership. The original LoRaWAN session is deleted. The device needs to join the network again for traffic to appear.