Device Maker Support

Join the ecosystem of LoRaWAN device makers to ensure proper implementation of the LoRaWAN specifications, best-practices and ease of configuration with The Things Stack

Technology Support

Get your own The Things Stack Cloud tenant
(with non commercial use license)

Access to the Global Join Server

Compatibility with popular IoT cloud platforms
(AWS IoT, Azure IoT, Thingsboard, etc.)

Access to The Things Industries Support Team

Make your devices interoperable and ready for roaming via Packet Broker

Showcase and Visibility

All year round promotion of your products through TTI / TTN channel

LoRaWAN Wall of Fame at physical events

Partner Discounts for other products and services

Eligible for The Things Stack certified device

Content Creation - Blog posts and unboxing videos

Additional Services

Fulfilment through The Things Shop / external distributors

Eligible for Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering

Support for secure provisioning flow


€2500 / year

€5000 / year